she's fast but she ain't easy

the title is the slogan for the hurricane half marathon. we finished! and with not too shabby of times too! amy averaged a 9:15min/mile and i averaged a 9:23min/mile. i was happy with it and felt pretty good after! next challenge: wasatch back!

the re-enactment

nerds. but so awesome at the same time.


Graham and Kate said...

k... so are you doing the marathon then?

Cathy said...

Wow!! Seriously speedy times!! Great going!

Candice Warby said...

It's freakin awesome that you ran a half marathon! I'm pretty sure I can't run 2 miles, let alone 13. Nice job.

Clint, Brielle, and Molly J. said...

I am impressed. I sure wish I liked running more. you are so cute-how fun

Sabrina said...

Hi! I made a blog!

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