happy mothers day

i got this idea for a mother's day bookmark off of my cute aunt marie's blog - so me and scott and cami gave it a try! it was fun! we put the bookmark in a little book and added a little ribbon to the top. :) love you mom!

if you know my mom, then you know that she is the most amazing person! i am so grateful for her and all she does! not only is she a single mom that works full time, she always makes time for her three kids that are still at home and for the other five that aren't! she has taught me so much and i think of her more and more as a best friend and sister! she is the perfect mix of smart, funny, sexy, goofy, adventurous, and just plain fun! i want to be just like her when i grow up! :)

halloween 2007 - she came and visited all here kids at work and school! sort of a tradition - but you just never know which holiday she is going to come on! i love it!

cute little grandma!

isn't she beautiful?!

love you mom!


Cami Kooka said...

i love our mommy too :)

Taryn said...

love your mom! Looks like life is well.

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