the cherry fairy

back in the day when my auntie sue used to babysit us kids, she would call the cherry fairy! if you have never heard of her before - she is a fairy that the babysitter can call and ask to come spy to see if the kids are behaving well while being babysat. {usually sue would call her in front of us so we knew that she really called her - then we were on our best behavior all night} then right before you go to bed, you line your shoes up in the hall and if the cherry fairy thought that you were good then she would put treats in your shoes! it is so fun to find what the cherry fairy left you in the morning.

so last night i was babysitting my niece and nephew, hana and conrad, and something made me remember the cherry fairy. i used to call the cherry fairy for kids when i would babysit a lot. so i told them the story of the cherry fairy and that if they were really good, she would leave them a treat. hana was so darling with it. She leaned over to me after i told her and said, "becky, please tell me the secret of the cherry fairy. i promise i won't tell anyone." she is 5 and says the cutest things! needless to say she was an angel all night - not that she wouldn't have been anyway. Anytime i would ask her to do anything she would say, "i'll do whatever you want me to." i think i had a little too much power. :) just kidding. the most i really had her do was help me straighten the living room before bed. oh and she even drew a picture of the cherry fairy and put it in her shoe before bed. conrad didn't really understand the whole concept so was still his normal rowdy self, but still was a good boy. :) {he's only 2.5 yrs old} but we had so much fun coloring and jumping on the tramp. those kids are so darn cute and so smart for their ages . . . i had a blast!

i didn't take any pics, but here they are posing for family pics!

so next time you are babysitting, tell the kids about the cherry fairy! it makes the night so much more magical and fun!

*thanks aunt sue for all the fun memories and congrats on the new beautiful baby! i'm excited to see you and the new little one this weekend!


Marie said...

Right when I saw the title to this post, I knew exactly what it was for!! I miss the Cherry Fairy. I was too old to believe in it, but I totally remember Sue doing it for you guys and being in on the trick. It seems like she did that a ton back in Clearfield! I am so glad you wrote about this, great memories. And Hana is a little cutie! Conrad too!!

P.S. good luck with your race, Tomorrow right?

Clint, Brielle, and Molly J. said...

That is so cute of an idea. I love it and just might have to use that with the kids I tend. How cute of an aunt are you. I bet you are so much fun.

Lindsay said...

What a cute aunt you have! That is so fun, I love fun memories like this. And now look at you passing on the tradition!

The Hansens said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for the post!

Janae said...

Hey I found your blog again. Come and check mine out.It was fun talking to you yesterday

Graham and Kate said...

I wish I had a cherry fairy growing up! Great idea though, just might need to use that one on my nieces and nephews as well!

Cathy said...

Beck - i love that babysitting trick!! You need to come practice it on my kids! hee hee:)

Kim said...

That is the coolest story I ever heard. Im usin it next time no battle

B-Radd Goonie-Man said...

The cherrie ferry. My fav. I love it. You my sis, are just quite a cute little blogger!!! I love to see and remember that. I loved to wake up in the morning and see a couple sticks of licorice in my shoe. That was SOOO much candy back then!...Funny huh?

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