Paria Canyon Wilderness and
"The Wave" April 13th-15th, 200

Surfing the Wave . . .dude!

Buckskin Gulch - Cool narrows!! Cooler water! We didn't make it much further past the first knee-high puddle of water! We were trying to climb the walls! Cute pose!

Me, Cody and MaryAnn on our little weekend trip
to Paria and the great city of Kanab!! Whoo-hoo!

Me at the Wave

The Paria Canyon Wilderness was so beautiful and a fun weekend trip away from St. George. We wanted to get out of our small town. . . so we went to Kanab! Anyway, if you want to hike "the wave," you need a permit. You either have to get it the day before in a lottery or get it online. Go to this website and it will tell you everything. http://www.zionnational-park.com/coyote-buttes-paria.htm

We had so much fun and it is probably better to get the permits online because we had to wait two days and find other ways to amuse ourselves. :)


Ash said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks for the info.

Becca said...

Awesome...that would be fun.
Hi Bec

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