Auntie Becky ;)

Cute! ;)

Landon gave her a kiss, then just grinned! He loves his new little sis!

Happy Fathers Day soon!! Two Kids!!

Kendall and her two kids!!! Precious!

Kailyn Glauser is here! She was 9lbs. 2 oz. 21" long!! She is so beautiful and such a sweetheart! I am having so much fun being an aunt!


Meriel Frandsen said...

That is so wonderful and exciting! Tell Brad and Kendall we love them and congratulations!

Fur Pirate said...

cAuntie becky. when did you start a blog? I guess i could go look at your first post, but that would take too long.
yeah that is a picture of me, and I am way more mature. changed a lot.

kurt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ash said...

cute babies!!!! Brad and Kendall should let me in on how to make beautiful babies.

Taryn said...

awww... They are sooo cute! I love your blog by the way! Miss you guys!

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