A Real Life Page Turner!!

So, about a month ago when I was camping with my family, my two lovely Aunts, Steph and Marie, suggested a book to me. They said it was one of the best books they've ever read. So I finished it last night. It really is such a good book! It took me longer than the rest of my family to read it because I was so busy with work and school, but it still only took me about two weeks. It was a total page turner. Previous to this book I had never really read a page turner. I soon realized this was the real thing when I was up until three in the morning reading a particularly intense part of the book and still turning pages. I was reading chapters more than I had planned and needing tape or some other object to keep my eyelids open. I was soooo tired but couldn't stop reading. I will admit it took a little while for me to get into the book, but once I hit page 160 I couldn't stop. My sister-in-law, Kendall, who was great with child when she read it, couldn't sleep at nights (Like a week before she had Kailyn). She finished it in one day and then a few days later bought the sequel and finished that in one day! It really is an awesome book! It costs like $7 or $8 dollars at Deseret Book or I am guessing any other book store and it is in the young adults section. You really need to read this book. And a little tip that my Aunts gave me - don't read the back of the book because it will give it away, at least until you are about half way through. You should also check out her website: http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/twilight.html
I am slightly obsessed with this whole story now and am so excited to read the sequel. I really hope she writes a lot more. Supposedly there is a movie in the works. I realize I sound like a dork, but that is the best part of this. I haven't been this excited about a book in a long time! So go read it! Did I say that enough? Happy Reading!


Rachel Holt said...

oh my gosh! this is my favorite book ever!!! enjoy the happiness of this book until you start to read the 2nd one. the 2nd one is soooo good too!! ahhh i just love edward and vampires!! i cant wait for the 3rd book!

Marie said...

I need to read it again to brush up for the 3rd book in August!!

bcholtfamily said...

Hi Becks -

I loved this book too!!! I'm readin' your blog every once in a while!! Know that I love ya and think about you often. Your pix of Brad's baby were the first that we've seen!!! I'm sad you all didn't toddle on up to Lafayette when you were in Monterey (3 more hours)!! You need to come down and chill with us for a week!!

Aunt Cathy

Taryn said...

AHHHHH! Becky you are so funny! This is such a craze isn't it?! I just read this book a few weeks ago and then I read the sequel in like 2 days. I was obsessed! Isn't it the best?! Read the 2nd one then we will be excited for the third one together. Edward is hott huh?

Bree said...

hi-i don't know you and can't remember how i got to your blog, but I absolutely LOVE this book and the sequel is just as good! I can't wait for the next one to come out!

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