Scentsy Party!

I am having a Scentsy Party this Thursday, July 5, 2007 at 7 pm at my house and I want to invite everyone who might glance at my blog. I realize I am posting this a little late to really give anyone notice but better late than never, right! My friend sells these and I wanted to have an excuse to get together with the girls so I decided to have a party . . . and these are the cutest things ever! Here is a little blurb from the catalog:

"Scentsy is the safest and hottest new thing in candles. The beautiful ceramic warmer houses a 25 watt light bulb that slowly melts the soft, fragrant Scentsy bar and fills your home or office full of one of more than 80 great, long-lastin scents!"

You guys should check out the website!

They really are way cute and fun! Hope to see you there!
Oh! And if you want to come email me at rebeccaglauser@gmail.com and I will give you directions!


Rebecca said...

I love those things...they smell soooo good.

Ash said...

Hey hope the party was good. I want some of those things. Maybe next time.

Rebecca said...

Hey Becky, so sorry I didn't make it, I ended up having to drive to Fillmore last minute, and almost breaking down. Hope it was fun.

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