Fourth of July Fun!

Canyoneering in Mystery Canyon at Zion National Park!

Me and MaryAnn Rappelling into the water!

Way cool slot canyon! Me and Cody!

We finished at the Zion Narrows! We rappelled down that waterfall behind and above me. It was a pretty busy day in Zion so people were watching us and we looked so professional. It was so funny!
Later that night at Vernon Worthen Park in St. George with the Fam! Jeff, Sara and Landon!

Landon threw one of those Snaps on the ground and was making funny faces after! So Cute!

It took me forever to get this uploaded . . . and I realize it is in the wrong place but just enjoy! It is of me and Cody rapelling down the last waterfall into the Zion Narrows! We are totally awesome man! It was really slick and we look pretty retarded but it was fun! We're dorks!


Marie said...

I love how adventurous you are. I am living some "rock chic" life through you. You're Awesome.

And you and Landon are darling together!!

ashlynn said...

Hey Becky ~ glad you remember me back in the day! You are beautiful as ever & I love that Cody has found his way into all the cute gals lives. He is a cool kid I never got to know!

bcholtfamily said...

Beck - No way are you repelling!! I love that about you! I need to come visit and have you take me with you? Are you coming up to SLC at the end of July??? e-mail me with your plans - bcholtfamily@sbcglobal.net.

Aunt Cathy

p.s. Great job on going back to school!! I took 1 year off and going back was tough but WAY worth the payoff educationally, financially, and personally!! Hang in there babe!! You can do it!!

Abbey said...

Becky! I'm glad that you found my blog. Logan is great. We really like it up here but would really like to move home soon. We miss St.George a lot. You've got way fun pictures up on your blog! How have you been?

Ash said...

NICE FUN TIMES!!!! and your video person needs some training...haha JK (MaryAnn)!!

Ash said...

oh and I love that red Necklace

Daniel said...

nice canyoneering, i did something like that in slovenia. there we jumped down some small waterfalls in a canyon.

maybe you can show some pictures of your house? i'd like to see it ;)

greetings from good old germany

Kristen Westbrook said...

Hey Beck!
You are so cute and you look like you go on so many fun adventures! I miss you tons!
Love ya Kristen

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