tagging is funny, but fun

Places I've Lived:
1) Clearfield, Utah
2) St. George, Utah
3) Munich, Germany (for a few months)

Jobs I've had: (Way too many)
1) Newspaper delivery girl (12 yrs old . . . awesome first job)
2) JoAnn's fabric
3) Osh Kosh (I think I sort of blocked this one out)
4) Pasta Factory for LIFE!
5) Tutoring a young Turkish boy in Germany
6) Mom's assistant at good ole Weather Master
7) The Body Shop Spa - Fitness Guide (my favorite job)
8) Personal Assistant (Don't do it)
9) Pasta Factory for LIFE!
10) Affordable Mortgage Solutions, Inc. Yea!

Places for weekend getaway:
1) My room :)
2) Zion Nat'l Park or any good hike
3) Vegas baby! or Mesquite will do
4) Southern California

Movies I can watch over and over:
1) Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version and the new movie)
2) Wedding Crashers
3) Newsies
4) Calamity Jane
5) Empire Records

TV Shows I DVR:
1) Grey's Anatomy
2) The Office
3) American Idol

Guilty Pleasures:
1) Ice Cream
2) Shopping
3) Frozen Hot Chocolates - Dairy Queen
4) TV on DVD
5) Vampires (Edward Cullen . . . I totally agree with my cute cousin Rachel)

Places I have been on vacations:
1) NYC
2) Virginia/Washingtion D.C.
3) Bahamas
4) Havasupai
5) Germany/Austria/Switzerland
6) Prague/Budapest
7) Hawaii
8) Costa Rica

Wish list for places to see:
1) New Zealand
2) Australia
3) Italy and Greece (more of Europe)

Favorite Foods
1) Ice Cream
2) Dipping bread in Balsamic Vinegar and EVOO :) (that one is for Brad and Michael)
3) New York Margarita Pizza with the fresh mozzarella and tomatoes! Love it!
4) Mom's mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots roast beast :) and yummy Lion house dinner rolls

Websites I visit daily
1) Google Mail
3) MySpace
4) Dictionary.com
5) and Blogs of course!

First kiss location:
1) At Soccer Camp under a tree (14 years old . . . silly girl)

Favorite nostalgic memories:
1) At home on a Sunday morning sitting on the counter making crepes with my dad
2) In the basement of the Chapel View Lane house, just before bed, hanging out with my bros and sistas, being silly
3) In the Clearfield house lipsinking and dancing to Lionel Richie (Dancing on the Ceiling, Ballerina Girl, Say you)
4) Sunday Afternoon "deep" conversations with my dad and family
5) Ditching school my senior year and going shopping in Vegas with Ashley, Lindsay and Corinne
6) Highschool summers at Corinne's pool
7) Scootering in Zion

Songs I love to hear:
1) One Headlight - The Wallflowers
2) I'll Be Okay - Amanda Marshall
3) Ballerina Girl and Dancing on the Ceiling - Lionel Richie
4) Africa - Toto

Items I always buy at the grocery store:
1) Yogurt
2) Bananas
3) Ice cream of some sort

Days that are circled on my calendar:
1) Hood to Coast relay - August 24-25
2) Everyone's birthday
3) My hair appt.

Things that make me smile:
1) The way Landon says please "pwease"
2) Michael when he really is funny
3) Cami . . . the way she will perform at the drop of a hat (and add her funny body movements i.e. her butt!)

People I'd like to Tag:
1) Lindsay McLaws
2) Ashley Hansen
3) Kristen Westbrook

(That means that you have to fill out this info and put it on your blog!)

Happy Blogging!


Kristen Westbrook said...

Hey Beck!
Don't you worry I filled it out! Thanks for the Tag! hahaha

Ash said...

That was a fun list!!


Lindsay said...

Funny how so many of our memories are the same?? So fun.

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