a new year

so many ideas running around in my head. changes i want to make. things i want to implement. i am organizing my life. got this great new book from my sister. sometimes these books have the opposite effect on me. i want to rebel. to not feel like i have to dream big. but by the end of reading it and jotting down a few ideas of my own - i want to dream big. but i want them to be my dreams. my ideas. my life doesn't have to look a certain way. i don't have to be anything or prove anything to anyone. i want to live my life free of the fear of what others think of me. i know this seems like something i should have gotten over in high school, but unfortunately the claws of that monster have held strong - at least in some areas of my life. so i am going to work on unclamping those claws. i have yet to write down the resolutions i plan to make. it will most likely be a continuance of what i have written in years past and hopefully have an added twist of bold to it. i like the idea of being bold.


Graham and Kate said...

I hear ya on the claws... I wonder if that is something people TRULY get over? Hmmm good luck with that one, I think I just might have that problem forever..

p.s.. I'm glad your back.. I was just about to leave a nasty note letting you know that you should blog more... phewww glad I didn't have to go to that extent! :)

The Peine's said...

I think we all have that problem:)
I miss you! You seems like your happy and doing well. Always doing something. Totally jealous of your cruise and sunday hikes. It's difficult to do that kind of stuff now a days, with 2 little ones. Plus Trav says he never go a cruise. :( I'll just go without him and my kids someday.

do you care if I add you to my list?

Cathy said...

I think you're great just the way you are....wait.... did I just cause you to care what I thought? Uuuggh!! Oh well, I'm still going to compliment you because it's totally true! I think you're awesome. I reevaluate and remind myself constantly not to care what others think! For me, it's not just a one time battle.Thanks for saying and being just who you are!

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