since i've been gone . . .

it seems i've been a little distant lately . . . i guess until i get into a new routine i let a few things slide. the blog being one of them.

new work is finally feeling normal. :) yea!

school has been out for the summer for at least 2 months now.

no summer classes = me cleaning and organizing my house, and looking for other projects. what's with my obsession with being busy? no clue.

this fall will be my final semester before i officially have my bachelor's degree.

i'm already thinking about the next step. more thoughts to come later. . .

considering 8-month certification in kundalini yoga, but after doing 108 sun salutations for the summer solstice, am rethinking how much more practice i need before i teach.

other than that, here are a few of the pictures i have managed to take over the past month or so . . .

took a quick trip to slc with mom and sisters to see my cute niece and nephew in a play. they were darling and would totally wave at us during the play. we sort of instigated that though. :) they got trophies cause it was their last night.

planted a garden. these are the strawberries. also planted artichoke, tomatoes, raspberries and lots of flowers!

enjoyed my banks' roses blooming. only one month out of the year, but love them!

took the family on a hike for mother's day. mom's request. and cami was in town!

lovely summer days. hope to be back more often.

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~Ashley Dawn~ said...

Yeah I have been totally out of the blog world too... so I know the feeling. AND BEING BUSY IS GOOD! Looks like you have alot og fun good things going on :) Awesome!

I am so jealous for everyones gardens.... I tried really hard to get one set up.. but it didn't happen. Next year for sure.

And.... way to go on soon to b graduating! NICE! and....I would Love to do Yoga! That would be a blast! and such a great release!

Hope all is going great! I am hopefully back in theblogging game LOL

Talk to you later!

petite lama said...

you are always a busy girl, but i must say those views of zions are making me envious for some dessert time. maybe we should go camping when it cools off just a little?

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