i love you but . . .

this site is pretty funny. and will most likely entertain you for at least a little while. just click on each face for the good stuff. thanks.

rainbow cake

found this idea when browsing on say yes! to hoboken but it originally came from omnomicon. i love this and would love to make it with nieces and nephews!

get easy instructions here!

ticket to ride

i played this game a couple weekends ago and then again with my family last night. it is super fun! i was skeptical at first because it looked like the game risk. i am not a fan of risk - mostly because i haven't given it a chance and also because it takes forever to play. But this game is much less complicated and it's a fun change up from regular card games.


pretty voice

so i just bought the sex and the city soundtrack. it's pretty good, but only has a few songs that i really loved. this song is one of them. "how deep is your love" by the bird and the bee. {a beegees remake} i love her voice. I also had a hard time finding a "not live" recording. so although this recording is a little cheesy, the point is how pretty her voice and the words are.


zero circle . . .

. . . be helpless, dumbfounded,
unable to say yes or no.
then a stretcher will come from grace
to gather us up.

we are too dull-eyed to see that beauty.
if we say we can, we're lying.
if we say no, we don't see it,
that no will behead us
and shut tight our window onto spirit.

so let us rather not be sure of anything,
beside ourselves, and only that, so
miraculous beings come running to help.
crazed, lying in a zero circle, mute,
we shall be saying finally,
with tremendous eloquence, lead us.
when we have totally surrendered to that beauty,
we shall be a mighty kindness.

i got this poem from my cousin vali at a desert retreat about 2 years ago. i didn't fully comprehend it then but something about it spoke to me. i kept it by my bed, with a few of my other favs. then friday night, this came to my head during a particular moment of not knowing and i got it. i got it. i was lying in a zero circle at that moment in my life. every line of the poem made sense to me and i surrendered. i know this is a different poem and i don't expect anyone to really get me. i just had to share. I had to share with you all that certain people are sent into our lives that affect us and certain experiences can really make a light go on in our heads. this "getting" of this poem was a light, a peace and a comfort for me. so i wanted to share. maybe you too will understand it one day . . . or even today. :)


busy student

i am taking a full load of classes this semester + working full-time. hopefully it will make the cold winter pass more quickly. i just went outside and it snowed. it is so cold that each snowflake is just as hard as when it fell - frozen. it looked like salt. shane laughed and said, "it salted." :) today was a really cold day for stg. and despite all of the busyness and the coldness . . . i feel hopeful for the new year. hopeful that i will make it through the semester that is. :)


a new year

so many ideas running around in my head. changes i want to make. things i want to implement. i am organizing my life. got this great new book from my sister. sometimes these books have the opposite effect on me. i want to rebel. to not feel like i have to dream big. but by the end of reading it and jotting down a few ideas of my own - i want to dream big. but i want them to be my dreams. my ideas. my life doesn't have to look a certain way. i don't have to be anything or prove anything to anyone. i want to live my life free of the fear of what others think of me. i know this seems like something i should have gotten over in high school, but unfortunately the claws of that monster have held strong - at least in some areas of my life. so i am going to work on unclamping those claws. i have yet to write down the resolutions i plan to make. it will most likely be a continuance of what i have written in years past and hopefully have an added twist of bold to it. i like the idea of being bold.

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