baking with ar mel's

here are the pics from my baking extravaganza with my two sista's. amy has an amazingly delicious bakery she started about a year ago and it's getting bigger and bigger. :) she had a huge order to do and asked for my and sara's help. it was a good excuse to go up and hang with my sister and her family even if we didn't get much sleep.

we were so busy baking that we sorta forgot to take pictures. here a few. the gift bags we made included: amazing brownies covered in cream cheese frosting and ganoche, snickerdoodles dipped in chocolate and chocolate chip cookie bars with chocolate and peanut butter topping. yum! 128 gift bags later . . . whew.

later that weekend we did a little day trip to tracy aviary in liberty park and the old spaghetti factory. i had never been there and it was fun!

fun sisters! we missed you cam!

thanks ame! love ya.

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Fashionably Kate said...

whoa. that's a whole lot of baking. yikes.

p.s.. seriously love your hair. :)

Britney said...

How fun. That is my dream... to have a bakery. Does Amy love it? I love to bake goodies. Where is her bakery at?

Amy said...

I love your sister Amy. And I can't believe how big Sara is. How can she be that old?! :)

Cathy said...

My birthday is 7/27 and I would love some yummy treats from my nieces!!! Plenty o' time for planning and cooking!!! hahahahahaha

cami said...

how fun is this?!? i wish i could have been there.
i love my sisters :)
and holy crap that seems like A LOT of things to make! goodness!

i can't wait to see you so soon sister. :)
i need to call you soon.

laurel said...

cute sisters!

Cindy said...

Can I say again how much I LOVE you in bangs!!! You are such a beauty!!!

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