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saw this movie last night. my brother got a bunch of us to go which made it all the more fun. we were probably the obnoxious ones, but not once the movie started. i didn't think i would love it as much as i did. it was way cool to see how involved michael was in his concert as a production. he was a perfectionist and totally weird. :) but in a good way. you sort of have to be eccentric when you are that famous. it showed his talent in a whole new dimension for me and i loved it.

the dancers were amazing, the guitar chick was amazing and michael was amazing. i am amazed at what he could still do so well - dance and sing! :) it also made me think about how weird death is. it really sucks that he died. he really was all about the love. the talent that came from him was one of a kind and this concert would have been crazy awesome to go to.

our favorite move of the night is at about second 11 of this video.

go see it.

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cami said...

cool! :) i gotta check that out!

Taylor and Chelsey said...

So jealous! I really LOVED him. He is definitely a little weird but his music was truly amazing and he performs like nobody else. I danced for years and performed to many of his songs and maybe that is why I have such a love for his music.

Britney said...

I was watching this and both of my boys started dancing. His music makes everyone wand to get down and groove. Now I want to go see it. Thanks for the motivation. :)

Cindy said...

ditto, ditto, ditto!! to everything you said about the movie and the KIng of Pop!! Loved the movie, loved MJ!! As querky as that is and as he was, its true!! I will miss him!!

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