busy signal

is there such a thing as a busy-aholic. because i'm pretty sure i am one. i am so busy this week/month, but especially this week.

this is how i feel.

and i'm not really sure which paper to pick up first and start with.

the thing is . . . i do it to myself.

i work a ton, i go to school a ton and then i volunteer to judge my little brothers debate thing this weekend and i sign up to make 50 sets of coasters for a boutique in november.

i am actually really excited about the boutique, i just can't believe that i signed up for it. i mean, come on becky.

so if you were wondering what i am doing and why i don't blog more, this is why. i want to blog more. so maybe i will just add it to my list.

better yet, i will do this on my breaks.

a chance to vent and/or be creative.

look for more posts about the trip i am going to plan when this is all over. i am in need of at least a two-week adventure in some far-off place in this world.

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Rob and Toni said...

I totally know how you feel! I do it to myself as well...mostly because of procrastination. Good luck with getting everything done!

krista jo said...

This is funny because this really is SO like you!

Good luck with all your endeavors you crazy woman!

Lindsay said...

Seriously when are you going to start hanging out again?? Add ME to the list.

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Yay! We're so excited to have you! Has Pamela asked you for photos of a few of your coasters yet? We need to feature you on our T&L blog!

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