DIY: homemade freezer jam

i grew up with homemade strawberry jam and don't like any other jam. so instead of stealing bottles from my mom's freezer . . . i decided to make some of my own. it's so yummy and so easy. it only took me about an hour and a half. perfect for this strawberry season.

i used the recipe inside the mcp pectin box. according to my mom you have to use mcp pectin. sure jell is the other brand that you don't want to use. mcp pectin is the best. (but it's from the makers of sure jell) and i only found it at harmons.

i just made two batches and it made 6 jars! i didn't expect that much. but i'm excited to enjoy it all!

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Rob and Toni said...

That looks yummy! I need to try an make my own instead of always enjoy others'. Maybe one day!

Hale-O There said...

Great idea, few things are better then homemade jam! whats the job ya little poop stain!?

Kristen Westbrook said...

Looks super yummy! Please send some my way!!!!

Lindsay said...

mmmm maybe i will come and steal one of those! last time i had homemade jam you stole one for me from your moms too! haha we should have had a jam making party! its the only kind i really like.

Jocelyn said...

I totally enjoyed your homemade jam just the other day! SUPER Tasty! Thanks again! I love it! :)

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