DIY: wall hanging

i started making this flowery wall hanging thing back in january and just slowly worked on it as i had time. i finished it a few weeks ago and am just now posting it. :) i spray painted the frame that i found at a garage sale and sort of arranged them together on one of my bedroom walls. not sure if this is the final or if i will actually put something in the frame, but here it is for now.

and you will never guess what it is made out of . . .

. . .toilet paper rolls!

i got the idea here and added a few more petals to it. it was fun and super cheap!

these are a few of the steps and i used paper clips to hold them in place while the glue dried.

the final project one more time. :) i love it on my wall.

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Kim said...

That is one of the coolest things i have seen. I am going to use that when i get a house that is decorated cool

Meriel Frandsen said...

Wow, I really like that! What a cool idea! I'm totally going to figure out a way to do that in my house.

communikate. said...


i love it!

The Hansens said...

gosh you come up with such darling things! thanks for the idea ;)

Britney said...

That is so cute. Where do people get all these clever ideas??? I wish I was more creative. I just might be copying this cute idea.

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

umm.. amazing!!! I may have to copy you on that ;) Seriously awesome!

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