where i have been

well. starting from the beginning, or when i stopped posting . . .

the job i have had for the last three years has been a great job. i have learned a lot about the mortgage industry and was able to go to school while i worked full-time. this job allowed me to do other things during the day, if i was slow - hence the blogging more often before. and the getting more homework done.

a few months ago i was offered another job that, after much debate and taking many issues into consideration, i took. i am definitely a thinker/debater when it comes to major life decisions. and for me, this was. i loved my new job. i was essentially doing the same thing, just more of it. i was busy all day and felt like i was accomplishing a lot. i had to change my schedule a bit and actually do my homework at home. this is why the blogging suffered. now i have gotten to a point where i am feeling like i am in more of a groove with my new life. just in time for the universe to throw another curve ball at me.

a few weeks ago, through connections i had made at school, i was offered another job. {i knew school was good for something.} although, i don't feel like this is just a job. this is more of a career decision. see, i am growing up now. it's not in the mortgage industry. and depending on how i feel once i get more into it, i may tell you more. but for now know that, again, after much debate, i gave my other new job my notice. i loved working there, but fate stepped in and offered something that i had to take a chance on.

i am really excited. scared at first, because i don't have much experience at all in this new field, but so excited because i know i will learn so much. it's not a normal "small town, st. george" job. i feel like it will take me places or at least equip me with skills that i will need for the future.

and one of the best parts is i put it out there that i wanted this job about a year ago. i didn't have the particulars defined, but the universe, the secret, the law of attraction, or whatever unseen source you prefer, knew. i believe that. and i'm so grateful that for it.

so i start my new adventure tomorrow. it may be crazy for awhile, but it will be good.

and i have to say that it is good to be back. blogging is my form of journaling and also connecting to so many of you that i would not otherwise know what is going on in your life. perfect for my busy life. so thanks. hope to be back soon.

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Annika said...

Ok, Becky.

First off, Happy that you are Happy.

Second, Unhappy that you don't reveal the whole story.

You know I hate secrets... Don't you wanna tell us what exactly your new job is? I wanna know what makes you so happy and euphoric :)

Or can I guess? I really think I might have a pretty decent guess...

Love ya :)

communikate. said...

Yes, fill is in on the deets! Yay for bigger and better things coming your way! I hope you love it! :)

krista jo said...

do tell...all this suspense!

And yes, I have definitely been wondering where you have been. Good luck with the new job!

Hale-O There said...

what is this new job? you totally have me in suspense! Happy for you though, sounds like you put a lot of thought into it. glad the flu didn't last.

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