good reads

i got both of these books for christmas and i read "the kite runner" soon after. while i was on my extended vacation in denver i started and finished "a thousand splendid suns." i wasn't going to even bring it and was so glad i did. they were both good reads, and educational as well. i will admit that they reminded me a little of books i might be required to read in high school. . . but they had great storylines. definitely recommend them :)


Graham and Kate said...

K.. I'm super slow at running.. I tried to train two years ago for the marathon, but it got too hot! I made it to about 8 miles.. I haven't ran in forever though, so I would easily fall into the BEGINNER category.. How about you?

Miss Maclaine said...

They look great Becky - thanks for making the recommendation. I'm always interested in something new to read, but I'm always a little apprehensive about just picking up a book at the book store without knowing anything about it!

Cathy said...

I loved these books too. I really liked Splendid Suns the best. The violence in the first was kind of difficult for me - tooo descriptive.

But overall - great books.

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