a gouda memory ;)

saw this website on a friends blog today and saw this t-shirt! it reminded me of a summer night like 4 years ago . . . eating gouda cheese and french bread from a grocery store in evanston, wyoming with a friend in my old toyota forerunner . . . i know it is random but that was such a fun night and i just had to take a moment to remember and pay a little tribute! aaahhhh memories!


neffgang said...


Are you kidding me? That is a fantastic combination! I love it when that kind of stuff happens so randomly, but it fits together so perfectly.

It's like this:

Eating potato logs dipped in ranch dressing, in a car full of sweaty people wearing short shorts, in a Suburban in a small parking lot of a mom and pop gas station on Mount Hood, Oregon.

Those kinds of memories are the very, very best.

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