went on a hike today with cody in zion . . . i wore sandles . . . boy did i get a great big surprise when we got to zion and there was snow everywhere! i decided to brave it anyway and am glad i did, the snow made the hike that much more fun. {although there were a lot more stops so i could warm up my toesies}

cody starting the hike off right with some yellow snow {i did not mean to get this close, i swear, i was minding to my frozen feet when i looked up and saw this and had to snap a pic :) }

jumping in the snow!

so much snow!!!!!

we didn't find the arch we were looking for {no trail, just directions}, but we did find this little arch!

it was so gorgeous ~ especially with the snow!

this was our steep hike back down ~ it was a little treacherous at parts and we decided our middle names were adventure {me} and danger {cody} ~ nerds, i know, but sometimes you gotta be to have fun!

fun video of us playing in the snow!


Kelli Eudis said...

Hey becky, it's good to hear from you. How is life?? So you made the trek to Denver, that's where I am and yes it's cold and I miss warm weather. But it is beautiful here. It is so fun to run into people in the whole blog world. I'll have to check you out every once in a while. Hope all is well!

Cathy said...

How beautiful!! I don't think I've every been to Zions when it's had that much snow!! Wow - I'm glad you braved it and had a great time! What did Cody write in the snow?

Cami Kooka said...

your hot.

Cindy said...

Becky!! Did I catch a glimpse of your KEENS in the snow! Are you nuts!? You certainly know how to have fun dont ya!! Maybe we could do some hikes together this summer. Which reminds me- have you or Cody ever been up to Cirque of the Towers in Wy? (Im going to post something about it tomorrow) Im trying to find people that know anything about the place. I want to check it out this summer.

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