so last weekend i agreed to go with shane to denver, CO to his aunt's house to haul some stuff back to his other aunt's house in vegas - he, being the nice guy that he is, volunteered to help his aunts out with this. we, being the bright people that we are, chose the weekend with the biggest snow storms to go on this trek through the mountains and back . . . not sure what we were thinking or if we were at all . . .

this is the road in the middle of the rockies as we were driving into the Johnson/Eisenhauer tunnel.

we still had a lot of fun! this is us with our sunglasses from a gas station in vail (which is a very cool ski town - sorta like park city) because we both forgot to bring some. we did pretty good considering they were from a gas station!

one of the reasons i was excited to go to denver, was to see my good friend and ex-roommate, mary ann. she moved to denver last fall and i have missed her!

so instead of going on friday and leaving on sunday, we got completely snowed in . . . we didn't leave to go home til tuesday!!! I missed two extra days of work and missed school tuesday night - lets just say I wasn't completely thrilled about being stranded, but it definitely was not safe to drive home. so we decided to see more of denver than we had planned on and had lots of fun! we also got to watch the superbowl ~ which actually turned out to be a good game. we went shopping at their fun outlet mall, went out to eat with mary ann twice {that is us pictured above in maggianos - a way cool italiam restaurant with great food and a cool atmosphere on 16th street}, went to the 16th street mall and went to the aquariam {pictured below}

this was the picture they take at the entrance and expect you to buy later ~ so i had him just snap one with my camera {i prefer to think of it as being smart and thrifty, not necessarily cheap :) }

shane with the sharks above and the tigers below {weird that they had tigers at the aquariam but they had 4!} and me with nemo and dori {they totally had a finding nemo tank ~ of course!}

the aquarium was actually a lot more fun than i would have thought . . . we saw the sharks getting fed, cool turtles, funny otters, and these awesome fish that spit crickets out of the employee's hand and then ate them!

this is a picture of the temperature when we were nearing salina, UT on our way home late at night! it was sooooo cold outside. it was also the longest drive ever! what should have been 9 hours was 14 hours because of the roads and the load in the back of shane's truck . . . that is when a fun road trip turns bad . . . kidding. the drive wasn't pleasant but overall ~ we had a good time. :)

lesson learned: when planning a trip, especially in the winter, check the weather!!!!


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Graham and Kate said...

Hey I hope you don't mind me posting on your cute blog! Hey I happened to scroll down and read about the Financial Peace University class.. Sound interesting.. Did you feel that it was worth your time?? I think that it looks like a great class and would love to know your input.. Thanks girl!

Cathy said...

Breaking up - getting back together - breaking up - "Part Time Lovers" (as Brad would say!!)

HMMM?? where are you now?

Hee hee

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