i am am totally craving a cheap, grungy backpacking trip to somewhere warm {new zealand, australia, south america}. i know cheap and grungy doesn't sound ideal, but to me it is. i loved doing the backpacking/hostel thing in costa rica and loved that i never got ready, never wore make up, just wore random, non-matching clothes the entire time and got to meet totally fun people that are out traveling too! flights to australia and new zealand are quite pricy . . . anyone have any good ideas for good, cheap, warm places to travel???


neffgang said...

Hey, how about Costa Rica? Just do us a favor and take the rest of us with you. We'll eat what the locals eat - no potato logs.


Miss Maclaine said...

This is my DREAM! When I was in El Salvador there was this couple from the states on the same bus with us and they were grunge central but I was so jealous of them! They had adopted a little dog in Mexico(which I wouldn't do-dogs south of the border are nasty) and she was wearing old berkinstocks(sp?)and what looked like her boyfriend's jeans. They had been traveling for a few months all throughout central america. After seeing them I decided I wanted to be a vagabond sometime!

Graham and Kate said...

Backpacking is the best! I seriously loved all of the hostels in Europe. I still keep in touch with a few good friends that I met over 6 years ago when I was there. Plus they're super cheap.. Have you heard of couchsurfing.com? You can post your couch or borrow someone elses couch all over the world. I'm not sure how safe it is, but it is definitely worth a try. :) My brothers/spouses and I are doing a cheap trip to Puerto Rico in April. Super cheap flights/ camping on the beach.. Check it out!

Amy and The Mack Pack said...

Scott and I are planning on coming to SGU for my B-day weekend. We want to go on a two night backpack trip - do you know of any places that would be cool to see or hike right now?

Kelli Eudis said...

That does sound fun. I love not having to care or get ready! Those are always the best trips...Good Luck!

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