i love my family

we got family pics back in january and were lucky enough to have them taken by kevin hulett with K2 photography. He is a good family friend and does a great job. he did brad and kendall's wedding too. check out his website. {if you can find the family member on this page i might just give you a treat, and even if i don't, it will be time well spent, trust me.} anyway, i had't seen the pictures until i saw that they were posted on cami's facebook, so i stole my favorites. i know there are a million, but i couldn't help how cute they are! so feel free to look quickly cuz there's lots . . .

the whole family

amy and scott mckinnon family

hana bear. so cute.

brad and kendall glauser family

landon and kailyn. look at that grin :)

hana and conrad. i have the cutest nieces and nephews ever! love the set smiles.

grandkids, minus one. i think landon was playin in the dirt . . .

grandma glauser and the girls

brad and landon

kendall and kailyn

different angle. like the first one better, but this one is still cute :)

hope you enjoyed.


laurel said...

These pictures are really beautiful! The grandkids are SO CUTE. I haven't seen you all forever!

Cathy said...

Beautiful pix!!! I love the brown colors of your clothes with the red rock background!! Awesome!!

Make and Takes said...

TO DIE FOR!! I love your family too! Those all look fabulous. Your family is so good at taking family portraits. I need to start the trend!

P.S. I get a treat. I spot a hotty in a purple blazer! Looking Good, I didn't realize his hair was that long!

Kailey said...

How fun! It's awesome to see all of your family. Everyone is so grown up! I remember when WE were the little grandkids with Grandma Glauser! :)

Anonymous said...
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Cami Kooka said...

i was gonna do the same thing!!
i really do love these pictures. mom sent me a package with the last family picture you have on here framed, but its kind of off center.... i kind of like the first one that you put on here too. but i dunno, i looked at them for a while and they're both pretty good. ya know?
anyway, i never saw that picture of scott!! HA! i remember when he did that, but i never saw the actual results. haha that is tooo great :)

love you sis

Megan Gubler said...


Your family is so cute and you look so pretty. It is so much fun to look at your blog and see how you are doing? Are you still working at PF I miss that place.

Ash said...

LOVE THEM, he does good stuff!!

Anonymous said...
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Amy and The Mack Pack said...

Becks - I am so glad you put the pics on here. Love, love, love our family!!! These all really did turn out so good!!!

amy said...

these are beautiful! good to see everyone over easter :)

it is true about carly--i think her image is holding her back though. she is definitely talented. i agree. sorry to upset you. :)

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