new kicks

i decided that i finallly needed a new pair of shoes since i plan on running the hurricane half marathon and the wasatch back relay! i bought them from a great place called st. george running center {it's owned and operated by runners. they even let you try them on and go running outside before you buy them!} i actually got these a couple of weeks ago but have been so sick and haven't had the energy or the desire to do the farmer's blow every second cause my nose is so stuffy {totally gross, i know, and really a whole other topic that requires discussing form and tactics used to completing the perfect farmers' blow. i.e. not getting snot all over yourself! :) }. anyway, so i have finally been feeling better and i am loving running in my new shoes! they are awesome! i have been running in mizuno running shoes forever and this time asics felt better so i went with those . . . so far i am satisfied. :)


Ash said...

thanks for adding the farmers blow on there for us... so lovely to picture

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