lovely evening

when i left work last night it was still so light out {i guess daylight savings is good for something}and 68 degrees! it being spring break, i had no class, so i decided i wanted to do something outside. i ended up going rollerblading on one of many of st. george's paved trails! it was so nice outside and there were so many other people on the trail too! it was fun to see people out being active. the sky was so beautiful too . . . just a perfect evening in my little town :)

the skies looked something like this . . . with a nice breeze . . . aaahhh!


danne said...

You have it made living there. I’m so jealous! But about that rollerblading thing…maybe if I still lived in the early 90’s. jk.

beck said...

rollerblading totally is early 90's but it is a lot smoother than running and a good change. :) i totally get made fun of when i go rollerblading, but i really like it, so what are you gonna do?

sabrina said...

So was that you I saw in hot pants and a matching pink tank top blading down riverside the other day?

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