modge podge easter eggs

so i decided to venture out this year and do a little more than just dye easter eggs. i saw this cute way to modge podge easter eggs on one of the many blogs that i look at and now i can't figure out which one i got it from, not even to find the instructions of how-to. silly girl. and i didn't take all the how-to photos either. So you are just going to have to enjoy the pretty picture and I will try to find the instructions for next year - although this little project did take longer than I thought it would . . . :)

at first i couldn't figure out how to do the blown-out eggs so the ones pictured above are actually plastic eggs but they still worked and then you don't have to go through the process of blowing out the real eggs. but when my roommate, leah, got home she said she knew how and showed me! it was pretty gross so i had to share some of the pictures with you. it was definitely entertaining and might be fun to do with kids next year. I did find some easier ways to do it after the fact . . . here and here

very attractive :)


Graham and Kate said...

Cool Eggs!! I like them!

ashlynn said...

those look great - good job!

Cathy said...

Seriously lovin' the eggs!

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